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The amazing artwork of Maria Hinze

The amazing artwork of Maria Hinze Maria Hinze is a German graphic artist who combines drawing / painting and large scale works. She’s did the cover artwork for Apparat’s Walls album. Her work is amazing. I am not sure if her work is done by hand or it is computer aided. Check it out at...
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Eno Henze

Eno Henze Check out the amazing computer generated artwork of German artist Eno Henze. Some of his artwork looks like ink floating in a pool of water.. or a sheet of silk waving in the wind
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Photographer Galina Kurlat

Photographer Galina Kurlat Check out the work of NYC based, Fine art photographer Galina Kurlat. I specially like the specimen series
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Ivan “Mr. Evil” Ouchkov

Ivan “Mr. Evil” Ouchkov wow, the net is filled with a neverending stream of talented photographers. Check out Russian photographer Ivan Ouchkov’s insane pictorial universe here
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Odani Motohiko

Odani Motohiko Odani Motohiko is a Japanese Born futurist artist who works with video, photography and sculpture. Best known for his visions of the future premised on “mutation” and “transformation”. Check out his insane work and interview here and...
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