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Analogize your tracks!

Analogize your tracks! A common trick among artists is to take tracks of digital origin and to process them in the analog domain to give them an “analog” flavor. The idea is to utilize cheap used analog gear and cheap digital synths you can find on Ebay to produce awesome analog sounding tracks, without having to break...
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New iPad & Android MIDI controller software

New iPad & Android MIDI controller software The iPad music revolution is brewing. It seems every month we get new MIDI & OSC controllers apps. It is a matter of time before we see hundreds of MIDI / OSC / Ableton touchscreen controlling programs! Here is the latest round-up of iPad & Android MIDI controller apps: Midipad Midipad is the one of...
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Novation Launchpad vs. Monome

Novation Launchpad vs. Monome Original ideas are hard, very hard to come by. The creators of the monome were onto something big when they created their groundbreaking hardware controller. Why? because another Monome 64 clone controller for Ableton has been launched, this time coming from Novation. It is called Launchpad, and it is looks...
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