Posted by admin on 2009 Apr 27

bye bye MTV!

Viacom's Stock Chart
Any adult who’s ever watched MTV knows the channel has been dying a painful death ever since the wise men in charge decided in their infinite wisdom to focus their programming on brain dead reality shows and other similar crap..
Wanna watch a video on MTV? sorry
how about some videos by non-mainstream artists? pfff…
Gone are the groundbreaking programs MTV used to have, such as 120
minutes and Liquid TV.

Anyone wanting to watch a music VIDEO on MTV had to resort to try elsewhere..

Fortunately the brilliant minds at Viacom never saw the advent of the Internet freight train coming at them.. and now nobody is watching MTV or VH1 and everyone gets their videos on YouTube or on websites such as Pitchfork TV

As an ultimate act of desperation to regain their dwinding audience, MTV decided to premiere five videos a week last year..
Fortunately we are not forced to watch the latest Britney Spears and Miley-whatever crap videos MTV is peddling these days..

MTV and VH1 are slowly dying. and while Viacom’s stock plummets..
Good riddance!

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3 Responses to “bye bye MTV!”

  1. YJ says:

    Check out this hilarious rip on MTV’s cribs!

  2. Chris/Crumb says:

    Is the music business really about music anyway?

  3. admin says:

    Yes, i the music business is about making money with music, one way or another.
    The question is.. should a (supposedly) artistic endevour like music be a business or not?

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