Posted by admin on 2009 May 6

No new music software under the Sun

I just had to chuckle, when, last year, was peddling Audiodamage’s Automaton software, as if it were some kind of new-found marvel never seen before.
What made me laugh is that the idea for the interface for Automaton was a complete rip-off of Lazyfish’s Native Instruments Newschool ensemble, which was the first commercially available piece of music software to have an interface based on John Conway’s Game of Life.
Funny, enough, no credit whatsoever was given in the article to LAZYFISH or to the ensemble he created, until i raised the issue and Peter, the owner of deleted a couple of my comments, since he didn’t like what i had to say.

On later blog articles, Peter was kind enough to bring up the fact the Lazyfish was the first to create cellular automation software..
All of the sudden, Lazyfish was magically discovered, No thanks to me. LOL

What a joke, is it really that hard to come up with a new interface or software concept instead of ripping off someone else?

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  1. admin says:

    Here is another Game-of-Life inspired piece of software

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