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20 years of WARP records

Here is a great article about WARP’s 20th birthday as a record label.
Electronic music would not be the same without WARP, as they have released some truly groundbreaking electronic music by artists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, etc.

Here is an interesting quote:

In recent years, Warp have faced a wider problem. Thanks to the resurgence of guitar bands, says Kirk, the bottom has fallen out of the market for electronica. Beckett insists he was getting bored with it as well. “I didn’t want to end up doing Now That’s What I Call Artificial Intelligence,” he says, explaining the thinking behind signing different types of electronic acts, such as Andrew Weatherall’s dub outfit Sabres of Paradise and Birmingham psychedelicists Broadcast.

However, when Warp signed Newcastle guitar band Maxïmo Park, purists were up in arms. “Everyone went, ‘How dare they?!'” says Beckett. He points to Warp’s roots in an indie record shop and suggests he has always just wanted the best music. That enthusiasm led Maxïmo Park to opt for Warp over majors who wanted to change their sound, as singer Paul Smith explains: “They’d say stuff like, ‘You could be the new Radiohead if you did this.’ We were worried about what was going to happen to our songs.”

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