Posted by admin on 2009 May 18

Trust no lawyers..

In this post, Bob Lefsetz states:

Everyone knows the real bands are on indies. That’s commercial crap on the majors.

Yep, got that one right. Then a few minutes later, on another post, Bob spends 10000 words extolling the virtues of Coldplay’s free downloadeable live album. Like Coldplay needs any more free press!! their cheesy rock musak is already famous all around the world! (just ask Joe Satriani! LOL)
Instead of helping some unknown indie artist get some exposure, Bob has to sound like a paid advertisement for a major label.

Whose side are you on Bob?

well.. that’s obvious.. the guy used to be a big label lawyer.. what can we expect?? As much as the guy wants everyone to believe he is a critical outsider, he is part of the big label machinery like any of their other minions.

Coldplay? No thanks Bob, i will grab something else instead..

speaking of lawyers. here is the cover from that lawyer-loving band..Napalm Death. The groundbreaking album SCUM

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  1. admin says:

    Not long after i wrote the post above, Bob Lefsetz decided to redeem himself and did a long review of a Jonathan Coulton concert.
    For those who don’t know Jonathan Coulton, he is one of those rare internet artists who actually made career out of self-releasing his music and playing live. The problem is that he is already well known..
    I know Bob reads this blog (i am sure sometimes he reads it in disgust LOL)
    so.. Bob, how about featuring some REALLY unknown artist you like in your blog.. someone NOBODY knows about?
    How about giving a complete unknown a break, instead of taking over and over about how great Coldplay and Nickelback are?

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