Posted by admin on 2009 May 21

Daft Punk releases Blog-remixed album!

French electronica pioneers Daft Punk will be releasing a remix album of their Human After All album, where each track is remixed by an artist with a blog. The album will be relased for free on May 20 2009.

Here are the tracks and the chosen artists / blogs
01 – Human After All (Remix by Disco Demons)
02 – The Prime Time Of Your Life (Remix by Data Sapiens)
03 – Robot Rock (remix by the Cold Cut)
04 – Steam Machine (Remix by the Cream Team)
05 – Make Love (Remix by Sheena Beaston)
06 – The Brainwasher (Remix by Danger Danger)
07 – On/Off (Remix by the Lemur)
08 – Television Rules The Nation (Remix by Noiseporn)
09 – Technologic (remix by Pretty Much Amazing)
10 – Emotion (Remix by Binary)

You can download the whole thing here

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