Posted by admin on 2009 May 21

Moby Finds “No Real Financial Incentive” for New Artists

Here is an interesting Moby quote from this interview with the LA Weekly Blog:

“There are a lot of musicians who are still desperately trying to pretend that it’s 1998 and by having a huge marketing campaign, they somehow believe that they can sell 10 million records. That’s delusional. No one sells 10 million records. The days of musicians getting rich off of selling records are done. People can make a living, but the profit motive has been so diminished that now it seems that the only way to approach making music is for the love of it. Anyone who wants to start a band in 2009 because they want to get rich is, quite simply, an idiot. The only people who are getting rich are like Elton John, who go on tour and sell tickets for $500 a pop.


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