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Amazing Music Video Remixes

The case has been made against remixers like Girltalk, who borrow snippets from all kinds of musicians and build entire albums he profits from, without paying a dime to the original copyright holders. I actually don’t enjoy Girltalk’s music that much.. it think it is more of a novelty, but i wouldn’t see myself actively listening to any of his albums.
Is he a walking copyright lawsuit timebomb or a visionary? Only time will tell.
Despite of what you think of remix culture, it is undeniable that, there are some really talented remixers that are more like the arrangers of yesteryear.

I came across this amazing website made by Kutiman, who has taken remixing to the next level: he has taken music snippet videos from amateur YouTube musicians and has built an entire video album from them!.
What sets him apart from other artists doing similar things is that he is not using well-known pop songs to build his music and he really has an ear for arranging music and he uses all kinds of musical styles to build his own songs: electronica, ethnic, funk, jazz & dub. The results are amazing and inspiring.
His songs sound like REAL arranged and composed music, not pastiches of pop music snippets.
This guy has more musical arranging talent than a lot of famous pop stars!
Check out the video and his website where you can see all the videos:

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