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Aphex Twin Live In Spain review

Ireland’s State magazine posted this Live review of Aphex Twin’s live DJ set at the Primavera Sound 2009 festival in Spain, today Friday May 29th 2009.

Another act that we expect an uncompromising set from is Aphex Twin. A typical gig from this messer consists of a mangled drill and base interpretation of his back catalogue interspersed with the odd middle finger raised aloft to his unfortunate fans. The faithful land down at him expecting the usual punishment. He then astonishes everyone by playing one of the most revelatory straight up dance sets I’ve ever heard, replete with strange visuals and strobing lights. When one of my mates manages to pick his jaw off the ground, he remarks to me, “Aphex Twin is actually playing Aphex Twin music”. Richard D James has obviously come to terms with the fact that he has one of the richest back catalogues in modern electronica. He spins out one blinding masterpiece after another, with material from his Analord series, Drukqs and even the seminal Richard D James album getting a straight up airing. It is a revelation, and if it is an omen of what is to come, we are in for some serious treats.

I guess the folks at state magazine didn’t listen to the Twin’s live set at last year’s Coachella festival, which was pretty much a straight dance DJ affair.
I hope someone taped the Primavera Sound show!

Photo by Loreana Rushe @ magazine

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