Posted by admin on 2009 May 29

Electronic hip hop rises again

The mixing of electronic music and hip hop is nothing new. Back in 2000, The American hip hop crew Anti-pop Consortium were unexpectedly signed to UK electronica label Warp (which happens to be the most popular electronica label on the planet) with their innovative brand of idm beats backing up their avant garde rhyming.
Other idm artists such as Prefuse 73, Amon Tobin, Machine Drum and Nautilis also integrated chopped and digitally transformed hip hop verses in their IDM albums
Now there seems to be a resurgence of pure hip hop backed up with idm / electronica beats, as witnessed by the reunion of the Anti-pop Consortium, the new Amon Tobin hip hip project Two Fingers. There is a very interesting SF examiner article here that also documents a new resurgence in various merging electronica and hip hop in the SF Bay area. Act like Lazer Sword, DNAE Beats and Mochipet.
You can grab a DNAE mixtape from XLR8R
I look forward to a new era of electronic hip hop!

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