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Indie labels are on the rise

Indie labels are on the rise according to this report the number of independent labels are increasing their numbers in terms of total music sales (almost 30%), digital downloads, webcasting and satellite radio. Also, independent label artists’ had a great year at the Grammy’s * Independent labels accounted for 32% of...
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Is online advertising dead?

Is online advertising dead? Professor Dave Winer has posted one of the most convincing articles about the sunset of online advertisement in his blog The idea behind his theory is that online review sites and blogs will make online advertisement completely ineffective by offering something that advertisements could never offer,...
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Venetian Snares Live @ STRP Festival Eindhoven 2009-04-04

Venetian Snares Live @ STRP Festival Eindhoven 2009-04-04 I am listening right now to this awesome bootleg of Venetian Snares Live at the STRP Festival Eindhoven 2009-04-04. The sound of the boot is awesome, it seems it was grabbed from the console. I grabbed the mp3 file from a torrent on the Pirate Bay. The torrent seems to have gone dead, but you can still...
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New Amon Tobin Project

New Amon Tobin Project Amon Tobin has released his new collaboration project, called Two Fingers. The project consists of Amon Tobin and Joe ‘Doubleclick’ Chapman providing backing tracks for UK rapper Sway and other host MCs. The tracks can he heard at the official website: Two Fingers There is an interesting...
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Album cover is complete!

Album cover is complete! The artwork for our first label release is finished. i think it looks awesome! The CD booklet will be based on the hi-res version cover artwork. Next comes the album mastering. The cover artwork was done by...
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