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Amazing Music Video Remixes

Amazing Music Video Remixes The case has been made against remixers like Girltalk, who borrow snippets from all kinds of musicians and build entire albums he profits from, without paying a dime to the original copyright holders. I actually don’t enjoy Girltalk’s music that much.. it think it is more of a novelty, but i...
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Free software will kill Microsoft

Free software will kill Microsoft CIO magazine has published this interesting article about Keith Curtis, a programmer with Microsoft for 11 years who’s left the company in 2004 and wrote a book about why Microsoft will fail. According to Mr. Curtis, Microsoft’s model of building software is destined to fail because it...
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A guide to Artist funding websites

A guide to Artist funding websites One of the most interesting social network models to develop of late are artist funding websites. Artist funding websites work like this: Artists sign up and pitch their projects to the public via the website. Users go on the website, browse through different projects and if they find something interesting,...
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Four Tet Video Interview

Four Tet Video Interview Revision3 / XLR8TV has a great video interview with one of my favorite folktronica artists: Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet. In the video, Four Ter talks about why he doesn’t really like or listen to classical music and his live collaborations with drummer Steve Reid… Watch the video...
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#music biz The Death of Music Magazines

#music biz The Death of Music Magazines The digital internet revolution has not only changed the music and the newspaper industries.. the magazine business is also changing radically. Case in point: On March 26, 2009, Blender magazine stopped printing magazines and moved to an online-only format, eliminating 30 jobs along the way. I knew the...
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