Posted by admin on 2009 Jun 22

The future of radio part 4

As i stated in the previous article of the never-ending saga of the future of radio, Digital radio subscription services like the one offered by Pandora seem to be the future of music distribution.

A recent LA times article seems to confirm this trend.

The interesting thing is that article is not about Pandora or other well known music subscription service, it is about a small, profitable, niche, pure classical music station run by the Naxos record label.
The subscription service costs a lot more ($220 to $240 a year) than other online radio subscription services, but the catch is that the Naxos Music Library, as the service is called, offers something that nobody else can: A deep and exclusive classical music library that cannot be found anywhere else.
Other interesting facts are that the service is streaming only and it is offered in many universities around the country.
The move by Naxos to offer their library in digital format is surprising, as most people discount classical music as being pretty much dead.

Read the article here

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