Posted by admin on 2009 Oct 31

The Rock Star of the Future

Any lover of electronic music has heard these comments before.. “yeah, those DJ guys can’t really play any instruments, it is all repetitive machine music, anyone can do that, etc etc etc”
I’ve heard this comment many times, coming from rock music fans to professional band managers.

A new age is upon us, the age of the performing electronic musician.
As music software and hardware makes its march from the studio towards the performance stage, a new breed of technologically-adept musicians is rising. These guys, are the future of rock stardom, they are people who can play their hardware and software like any music instrument, and are able to make music that no ordinary musician could possible make.

I am not a fan of Tim Exile’s music, but witness his technical wizardly performing a song on the fly from scratch, with no pre-recorded tracks.

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You can read Tim Exile’s blog here

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