Posted by admin on 2010 Jul 11

Kaoss Pad meets the Monome: Kaossonome

What would happen if someone decided to engineer a lovechild between a Korg Kaoss Pad and the Monome?
You will get a Kaossonome, an open source hardware touch controller based on a modified ArduinomeSerial.

According to the creator’s webpage, the new controller is “is fully Monome 256 compliant” and will feature “Kaoss Pad-like sampling programs and will include an algorithmic step sequencer, a beat synced sample chopping performance controller, and many more.”

Kits, completed units and “how-to, complete with schematics, parts list, step-by-step” guides will be released and sold by the creator soon after he is done testing the unit.

Althought, I don’t think we need another monome clone (we got plenty of those already), i think this unit sounds very interesting..specially if it includes Kaos-pad sampling programs. Prices for the full units haven’t been posted yet.

More here

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