Posted by admin on 2010 Jul 14

The most insane synth rack ever

While of us working in small and modest music studios in our bedrooms and at home, are content to have our rack gear sitting on top of desks, in SKB cases and other boxes, some people with bigger studios have customized cabinets built to house their synth & music gear.
Some people like to take things a bit further.. Like composer, sound designer and fellow Symbolic Sound Kyma user Edmund Eagan, who just happens to have the most insane synth rack ever!: housing a total of 12 Serge Modular modules in custom boxes, in a custom made aluminum stand (designed by Mike Adjellian) that looks more like a futuristic sculpture than a synth rack. This is definitely the coolest synth rack in the planet.
You can see and read more about this rack in Edmund’s website

Serge Analog Rack

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  1. Alex says:

    I have seen this Serge in Edmund’s studio about 2 years ago, its awesome!

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