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New iPad & Android MIDI controller software

Ipad Music

The iPad music revolution is brewing. It seems every month we get new MIDI & OSC controllers apps.
It is a matter of time before we see hundreds of MIDI / OSC / Ableton touchscreen controlling programs!

Here is the latest round-up of iPad & Android MIDI controller apps:

Midipad is the one of the most interesting applications created for the iPhone / iPad.
This software transmits touch-controlled MIDI data to Apple and Windows PCs over wi-fi. The software has several custom “views” (studioView, djView, launchView, fxView, keysView) much like Ableton does.

What it doesn’t do is to enable musicians to program their own custom MIDI controller interface, like the JazzMutant Lemur, but i expect someone to offer such features sooner or later.
The Midipad for the iPad is currently in beta, which you can see in action here:
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TouchAble is another promising and awesome-looking MIDI Ableton controller coming for the Ipad!
The app looks truly impressive, with multiple screens and capabilities, makes me want to run and get an iPad!
I love how easily you can switch between views and how easy it is to scroll through your clips. I can’t even do that with my keyboard / mouse.
Watch is in action here and be blown away:
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Griid is basically an Ableton clip launching app, think the Novation Launchpad on an iPad with many navigation improvements, and the fact that you can see what clips you are triggering without having to look at the Ableton screen to find your way around your set.. something you have to do in the Launchpad.


On the other hardware side of things, another touchscreen controller revolution is quietly brewing with the eventual release of cheaper iPad-like Android based touchscreen tablets, like the sold-out, $150 Augen’s 7-inch Gentouch-78 Android tablet, which will probably drive down the price of the iPad. MIDI apps have already been created for the Android platform.. and once the first tablet Android models are launched you are going to see a lot of competing apps, which is great for all musicians.

Musical for Android
Musical for Android seems to be the first Android app which offers some basic and common apps like a keyboard and tuner and  MIDI over wi-fi functionality.

Android MIDI pad
Android MIDI pad is a free Android app , built by Timothe Faudot. This app enables any Android device to send MIDI controller messages via bluetooth to a python server running on the host PC, which can be router virtually to any MIDI application.
Here is a great video of the Android midi pad controlling Native Instrument’s Massive synth remotely.
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Right now, the iPad applications are more sophisticated, but i expect the Android side to eventually catch up, once the cheaper Android tablets are released and become popular, almost like a replay of the monome vs. Novation launchpad controllers.
The stage is set for the iPad and for the upcoming Android tablets to take over the MIDI touchscreen controller market.
Whomever creates the best apps, wins!

If you know of any other iPad / Android MIDI controller apps, please let us know!

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4 Responses to “New iPad & Android MIDI controller software”

  1. Monex says:

    From Android Midi Pad for Android uses the touch capabilities of android enabled devices to send midi messages as would do a hardware controller in music production systems.

  2. ifnotnow says:

    how are things today? any news on the android side of things?

  3. Matt says:

    Sweet. I am looking for a midi keyboard controller so I don’t have to lug around even the Axiom which is big for a plan. Between my MacBook Air and the Galaxy Tab I figure I could have a full studio in my hands.

  4. BassApps says:

    Hey guys, sorry for self-promoting, but next week, a Launchpad app for Ableton will be available for Android:

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