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Trimpin: Sound Sculptor

Trimpin: Sound Sculptor For those who think controlling Ableton with a wii controller is awesome, you should check out the work of Gerhard Trimpin (better known just as “Trimpin”), a German artist living in Seattle (and the recipient of a MacArthur Genius Award in 1997) who using machines is trying to “go beyond...
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Nortec Collective mini-Documentary

Nortec Collective mini-Documentary Border Stories is a website that hosts short documentaries (less than 6 minutes) about life on the US-Mexican border. Here is a documentary about groundbreaking Mexican electronica outfit Nortec Collective, who played in Coachella this year. One thing that surprised me is the TenoriOn controller making a...
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Amazing Music Video Remixes

Amazing Music Video Remixes The case has been made against remixers like Girltalk, who borrow snippets from all kinds of musicians and build entire albums he profits from, without paying a dime to the original copyright holders. I actually don’t enjoy Girltalk’s music that much.. it think it is more of a novelty, but i...
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Four Tet Video Interview

Four Tet Video Interview Revision3 / XLR8TV has a great video interview with one of my favorite folktronica artists: Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet. In the video, Four Ter talks about why he doesn’t really like or listen to classical music and his live collaborations with drummer Steve Reid… Watch the video...
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Video: Datach’i – Seconds In Silence

Video: Datach’i – Seconds In Silence Here is another amazing David Firth video, this time is for Datachi’s “Seconds in Silence”. I can’t find this song on Datach’i’s discography.. so i am not sure what album it is from, but the video is...
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