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Eigenharp-alpha Controller

In our eternal quest to make electronic music instruments more expressive, and following in the tradition of the $230k, 40 string abomination, the “StringStation” here is the $7000 Eigenharp Alpha, a cross of what seems to be a string bass / didgeridoo and a monome.
This silly looking contraption has no strings, requires a Mac to run, it has a Breath pipe, 120 keys on the main keyboard, 12 percussion keys on the lower part of the instrument, two strip controllers and a Microphone input/preamp. They forgot to add a juicer!

Most people have a hard time learning how to play a proper, cheap instrument, (i know i do) imagine trying to learn how to play this thing with 120 keys..

According to the marketing PR on the website:

The Alpha can play and record loops, change scale and key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, create arrangements, switch and layer multiple sounds, all while the musician is performing live on stage.

wow.. i can do all that (and a lot more) with a MIDI keyboard and a laptop running Reaktor, for a small fraction of $7000…
Where is the catch?
Time Exile doesn’t need any $7000k piece of hardware in his setup to wow audiences worldwide.
The Eigenharp-alpha doesn’t sound bad, but it is not as great as its $7000 price tag suggests.

Don’t forget this kids: Talented musicians don’t need $7k instruments to play breathtaking music.
Here is an underwhelming example of what the Eigenharp-alpha can do:
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  1. admin says:

    Someone left the following comment about the Eigencrap, i mean Eigenharp on YouTube:

    “A midi gadget capable of looking super neat while soullessly mocking real instruments for a mere 3950Quid. The lameness of this is that it will enable countless phony wannabe musicians to misrepresent themselves as legitimate onstage, making life that much more difficult for hard working artists. That said, someone no doubt WILL find a brilliant way to make something truly original, bizarre and beautiful with this pricey piece of junk. Hopefully they’ll find THEIR eigenwhatsit at a yardsale :)”

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