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The future of radio part 5


What is the best way to get your music heard, if you are an independent musician?
Should you pay a music service to get your music reviewed?
Should you just upload your music to Itunes or CDBaby and hope someone just buys it?
Should you just tweet endlessly about how great your music is?

No. (more about CDBaby sales here) One of the best ways to get your music promoted, lies in a recent Fortune magazine article about Tim Westergren and Pandora.
Pandora has just turned in its most profitable quarter ever, and it is here to stay.
As i have posted here multiple times, Pandora is the future of music distribution and the future of radio..
Pandora is possibly one of the best music distribution services for independent musicians because:

1-Pandora doesn’t play music based on popularity.
Every song in Pandora has an equal chance of getting airplay and finding an audience, whether it’s recorded by an unknown, unsigned band or by a major-label artist. The music is what truly matters.
If your music is good, chances are, it will find an audience in Pandora.

2-Pandora pays performers and publishers every time a song is played.
Last year, it paid $30 million in royalties. Don’t expect to get rich by getting your music in Pandora, but at least you or your band will be getting some airplay and you are getting some kind of monetary reward back, when your music is played.

You are can read more about Pandora’s philosophy in the Fortune article

If you are an independent musician, i recommend you spend some time and upload your music to services like Pandora and

BTW, Enigmafon Records LLC is in no way affiliated with Pandora or any other music service.

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