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Nortec Collective mini-Documentary

Nortec Collective mini-Documentary Border Stories is a website that hosts short documentaries (less than 6 minutes) about life on the US-Mexican border. Here is a documentary about groundbreaking Mexican electronica outfit Nortec Collective, who played in Coachella this year. One thing that surprised me is the TenoriOn controller making a...
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Electronica, it’s making a comeback!

Electronica, it’s making a comeback! According to Billboard magazine Activision is running out of bands to peddle on Guitar Hero and have turned their marketing eye to hip hop and Electronica with their upcoming game DJ Hero.. Question: I wonder if the game is going to come with SL1200 tables or monome style game controllers? Answer: According...
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Akai APC40 vs. monome 64 / 40h

Akai APC40 vs. monome 64 / 40h I have been looking for some hardware device to play my music live with Ableton, since the prospect of just using a laptop is not very appealing, so i was thinking about purchasing a used monome unit (since buying a new unit is pretty much impossible). As i watched the price for used monome 64 units plummet...
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Why we don’t need audiophiles

Why we don’t need audiophiles After reading this amusing article about why we “need audiophiles” in gizmodo and its followup response on i knew i had to write this: I am sure most of you have heard about audiophiles.. guys who spend a fortune pursuing perfect sound reproduction via very expensive stereo...
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$230,000 40 string abomination

$230,000 40 string abomination I almost fell off my chair laughing, when i saw this… The “inventor” of the abomination seen above and known as the “StringStation” is proposing a price of only $230,000 (the price of a house) to design and build his dreamed 40 string instrument that can be used to produce...
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