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The most expensive used analog synth

The most expensive used analog synth Can you guess what the most expensive, used, non-modular analog synth is? I thought i did know for sure, which the most coveted analog relic was, but after buying, selling and watching synths on Ebay for months and months, i was certainly surprised at the results.. So, if you are lucky to find one and have...
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Tenori-on Meets Kyma

Here is a really cool video / audio track of a Tenori-on controlling realtime a Kyma (Capybara 320?) an Alesis Andromeda A6 and a Prophet ’08. There is no real information on how everything is setup.. but it sounds really nice! I just wish the Tenori-on wasn’t so expensive! Tenori-on Meets Kyma...
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Yamaha TX81Z software editors

Yamaha TX81Z software editors Following last month’s Oberheim Matrix 1000 editor / librarian round up, i am doing a Xmas review featuring the Yamaha’s TX81Z, a 4 operator FM synth that has the honor of being the first FM synth to feature 7 waves with different harmonic overtones to be used as FM operators. One of the great...
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How to test an Oberheim Matrix 1000’s voice chips

How to test an Oberheim Matrix 1000’s voice chips I recently purchased an Oberheim Matrix 1000 analog synth in “excellent” condition from someone on Ebay who had good feedback. Upon receipt of the unit and to my dismay, the unit could play only three voices out of six. The seller denied shipping me a damaged unit, so after pouring through the...
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Eigenharp-alpha Controller

Eigenharp-alpha Controller In our eternal quest to make electronic music instruments more expressive, and following in the tradition of the $230k, 40 string abomination, the “StringStation” here is the $7000 Eigenharp Alpha, a cross of what seems to be a string bass / didgeridoo and a monome. This silly looking...
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