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Novation Launchpad vs. Monome

Novation Launchpad vs. Monome Original ideas are hard, very hard to come by. The creators of the monome were onto something big when they created their groundbreaking hardware controller. Why? because another Monome 64 clone controller for Ableton has been launched, this time coming from Novation. It is called Launchpad, and it is looks...
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The Rock Star of the Future

Any lover of electronic music has heard these comments before.. “yeah, those DJ guys can’t really play any instruments, it is all repetitive machine music, anyone can do that, etc etc etc” I’ve heard this comment many times, coming from rock music fans to professional band managers. A...
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Elektron’s Machinedrum video

Elektron’s Machinedrum video I’ve read a lot about Autechre using Swedish music hardware company Elektron‘s Machinedrum samplers when playing live.. but i never really had a chance to check out the units playing in real time.. Well, i found this awesome video that gives you a good idea of what you can do with the unit.. The...
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Livid’s Ohm64 vs. Akai APC 40

Livid’s Ohm64 vs. Akai APC 40 In the spirit of our controversial monome 64 vs. Akai APC64 blog post i have written a quick comparison of the newly released Livid’s Ohm64 vs. Akai APC 40 as an Ableton Live Controller. Akai APC 40 PROS -Cheap! ($399 with free shipping from some vendors in the USA) -Available in most music stores. No need...
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Trimpin: Sound Sculptor

Trimpin: Sound Sculptor For those who think controlling Ableton with a wii controller is awesome, you should check out the work of Gerhard Trimpin (better known just as “Trimpin”), a German artist living in Seattle (and the recipient of a MacArthur Genius Award in 1997) who using machines is trying to “go beyond...
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