P2P study: Music crackdown is bad fo...

P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business The register has this interesting article about how illegal P2P music downloads mirror legal downloading, which basically means illegal downloaders prefer the most popular music instead of the obscure and less popular. 2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business Music biz throwing away cash By Andrew Orlowski Posted in Music and Media, 13th May 2009 19:09 GMT A study of P2P...
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CampBisco v.8

CampBisco v.8 I was reading through Bob Lefsetz rambling about jam band festivals (i guess he just discovered the whole jam band festival scene! LOL) and saw the some of the electronica artists playing the Disco Biscuits festival in upstate NY, CampBisco: Shpongle DJ Set, The Orb, Ott, STS9 wow.. maybe Bob has never heard of these artists (what can you expect from someone who is always writing...
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Ivan “Mr. Evil” Ouchkov

Ivan “Mr. Evil” Ouchkov wow, the net is filled with a neverending stream of talented photographers. Check out Russian photographer Ivan Ouchkov’s insane pictorial universe here
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Why we don’t need audiophiles

Why we don’t need audiophiles After reading this amusing article about why we “need audiophiles” in gizmodo and its followup response on boingboing.net i knew i had to write this: I am sure most of you have heard about audiophiles.. guys who spend a fortune pursuing perfect sound reproduction via very expensive stereo equipment. In the beginning of the audiophile craze (late 60s, early 70s), most...
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$230,000 40 string abomination

$230,000 40 string abomination I almost fell off my chair laughing, when i saw this… The “inventor” of the abomination seen above and known as the “StringStation” is proposing a price of only $230,000 (the price of a house) to design and build his dreamed 40 string instrument that can be used to produce cheesy, sleep inducing new age music… You can laugh at the video and...
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