Daft Punk releases Blog-remixed albu...

Daft Punk releases Blog-remixed album! French electronica pioneers Daft Punk will be releasing a remix album of their Human After All album, where each track is remixed by an artist with a blog. The album will be relased for free on May 20 2009. Here are the tracks and the chosen artists / blogs 01 – Human After All (Remix by Disco Demons) 02 – The Prime Time Of Your Life (Remix by Data Sapiens) 03 –...
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Video: Dog of Man

Video: Dog of Man David Firth is a UK based animator who’s done a bunch of music videos including one for idm artist Datach’i. Check out this insane animated video titled Dog of Man. His website is http://www.fat-pie.com/
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Is streaming the future of music?

Is streaming the future of music? In this recent post Bob Lefsetz argues that music ownership is history and that streaming will rule the music world. There are not absolutes in this world. Remember all of those who predicted the demise of the vinyl record? well, Best Buy is going to start selling vinyl records in 2009! Same thing with CDs, the decline of CDs sales will eventually slow down and level off, but they...
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Pandora to be profitable in 2010

Pandora to be profitable in 2010 This just in from Bloomberg news Pandora Media Founder Sees Company’s First Profit Next Year By Meg Tirrell May 19 (Bloomberg) — Pandora Media Inc., the free online- radio service that generates playlists based on users’ musical preferences, aims to be profitable next year for the first time since the company started in 2000, founder Tim Westergren said. Revenue may...
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Trust no lawyers..

Trust no lawyers.. In this post, Bob Lefsetz states: Everyone knows the real bands are on indies. That’s commercial crap on the majors. Yep, got that one right. Then a few minutes later, on another post, Bob spends 10000 words extolling the virtues of Coldplay’s free downloadeable live album. Like Coldplay needs any more free press!! their cheesy rock musak is already famous all around the...
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