The DIY Music Revolution pt. 2

The DIY Music Revolution pt. 2 In our previous article The DIY Music Revolution we explored some of the reasons why despite the “DIY music Revolution,” Indie Record Labels are here to stay. Recently, the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) released a report about how much it costs a major record company “to break successful pop acts in major markets.”: The...
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The most expensive used analog synth

The most expensive used analog synth Can you guess what the most expensive, used, non-modular analog synth is? I thought i did know for sure, which the most coveted analog relic was, but after buying, selling and watching synths on Ebay for months and months, i was certainly surprised at the results.. So, if you are lucky to find one and have the money to purchase it, which of the following synths do you think you...
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Top Breakcore albums of all time

Top Breakcore albums of all time In the 21st century, the underground credo of most musical forms can be validated, not by the amount of big media airplay, radio and video coverage, but by the lack of it. Those musical forms that, once upon a time had any underground credibility, have all but become tired and calculated machinations of the maintream media. The once shining beacons of D.I.Y. ethos, namely Punk,...
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Tenori-on Meets Kyma

Here is a really cool video / audio track of a Tenori-on controlling realtime a Kyma (Capybara 320?) an Alesis Andromeda A6 and a Prophet ’08. There is no real information on how everything is setup.. but it sounds really nice! I just wish the Tenori-on wasn’t so expensive! Tenori-on Meets Kyma from Nomad Cinema on...
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Yamaha TX81Z software editors

Yamaha TX81Z software editors Following last month’s Oberheim Matrix 1000 editor / librarian round up, i am doing a Xmas review featuring the Yamaha’s TX81Z, a 4 operator FM synth that has the honor of being the first FM synth to feature 7 waves with different harmonic overtones to be used as FM operators. One of the great things about this synth is that you can buy one used on Ebay CHEAP.. really...
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