The amazing artwork of Maria Hinze

The amazing artwork of Maria Hinze Maria Hinze is a German graphic artist who combines drawing / painting and large scale works. She’s did the cover artwork for Apparat’s Walls album. Her work is amazing. I am not sure if her work is done by hand or it is computer aided. Check it out at...
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The DIY Music Revolution

The DIY Music Revolution Remember the days before the digital music revolution? Life was a lot easier back then for most aspiring musicians. The goal was very simple: create a great demo and send it out in the hopes that some record label would sign you. Most well known artists got signed one way or another via a direct or indirect demo submission. The demo method worked for artists ranging from historic...
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Soundcloud kills my CPU cores

Soundcloud kills my CPU cores Hugo over at posted this interesting article praising music service website I also noticed more and more artists are using this service. Last night, while trying to play one of the artists sets featured in soundcloud i noticed my CPU cores were maxxing out at 99%. So, i closed everything, rebooted my computer and made sure i was only running...
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Album cover in Times Square

Album cover in Times Square The creators of the documentary movie RiP: A Remix Manifesto are giving everyone a choice to paste themselves in a picture frame of Times Square that will be a part of the NYC movie screening on Jun 19th in Tribeca. I decided to do something a little more interesting than pasting my own mug in the frame, and put the album cover of our first release in the Times Square pic. I think...
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Elektron’s Machinedrum video

Elektron’s Machinedrum video I’ve read a lot about Autechre using Swedish music hardware company Elektron‘s Machinedrum samplers when playing live.. but i never really had a chance to check out the units playing in real time.. Well, i found this awesome video that gives you a good idea of what you can do with the unit.. The learning curve looks steep, but it may be worth the effort! If you can see...
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