Nortec Collective mini-Documentary

Nortec Collective mini-Documentary Border Stories is a website that hosts short documentaries (less than 6 minutes) about life on the US-Mexican border. Here is a documentary about groundbreaking Mexican electronica outfit Nortec Collective, who played in Coachella this year. One thing that surprised me is the TenoriOn controller making a nice...
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Check out this Piano Violin house

Check out this Piano Violin house I am not an architect, but i love architecture since i was a kid. I love modern and post-modern architecture, Gehry, Wright, Calatrava, Ando, etc.. I thought i had seen it all.. until i saw this insane pics of a Piano / Violin house built in the An Hui Province in China. via Located in Shanghai, this piano shaped house was built by the Chinese government to attract...
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Electronica, it’s making a com...

Electronica, it’s making a comeback! According to Billboard magazine Activision is running out of bands to peddle on Guitar Hero and have turned their marketing eye to hip hop and Electronica with their upcoming game DJ Hero.. Question: I wonder if the game is going to come with SL1200 tables or monome style game controllers? Answer: According to this USAToday article, the games comes with “a turntable-shaped...
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Aphex Twin Live In Spain review

Aphex Twin Live In Spain review Ireland’s State magazine posted this Live review of Aphex Twin’s live DJ set at the Primavera Sound 2009 festival in Spain, today Friday May 29th 2009. Another act that we expect an uncompromising set from is Aphex Twin. A typical gig from this messer consists of a mangled drill and base interpretation of his back catalogue interspersed with the odd middle finger raised...
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The Future of Radio part 2

The Future of Radio part 2 As i argued in the Future of Radio post; computerized radio is the way of the future, despite the rants of music biz “guru” Bob Lefsetz, who claims there is still a place for human programmed radio to rule in the hearts of millions of young listeners. Well, Bob is back at it again, claiming that internet radio Colossus, Pandora SUCKS because: 1-According to Bob,...
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